Gauge Needle Flicker

Quick question is there a way to aid in removing the gauge needle flicker?
One option is to have multiple pictures of the needle in different angles, but this would be my last resort option, as I would need to create over 300 images to create a full sweep of the RPM gauge

There’s a YouTube video of a guy who did that very thing, he created numerous images for each needle mark. Search for, watch it, perhaps it can be of help.

I have seen that video, however for both my rpm and speedo gauge I would need over 400 images

So I used the brute force method and used 200+ pictures. Now I run into the problem of having limited flash memory. However, windows shows that my pictures are only 4 mb in size, but when nextion complies the images are 20mb in size.

Anyone know the reason why the size jumps by 16 mbs?

The Nextion saves image resources in a raw bitmap format, so that drawing can be done quickly by the internal CPU without decoding and decompressing. Thus, each image resource uses two bytes (16bit color) per pixel, multiplied by the number of pixels (height x width).

Thanks for the info!

Don’t make your image the entire size of the screen. I haven’t tried this, but wondering if you could make the image ONLY show the gauge area, not the rest of the entire background. They should be much smaller in size that way.

The images used for just the needle only, and unfortunately went over the memory capacity.
I plan on buying the 7in Intelligent display, anyone have a review on it?

Yes, I use it. Great display but its too overpriced, you can get a cheaper one from if you didn’t know, TJC is the actual manufacturer of nextion displays, I make an OS for that device, you can just search mediaconsole in the forum.