I acquired a 4.3 Inch display with touch, FYU34T4827 from Aliexpress.

Anyone experience with this type of display? English editor?

So much for now, Sommi


Wow that looks like a big clone of nextion/tjc.
Editor has just some different styles but it looks almost the same.

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Where can I download the software for this display? I didn’t find a link in the product description.


Hag how can i download old 0.55?

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does that software come in English also?

or, maybe … just a wild hope… we can use Nextion Editor?!?

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english version is here:


in FY HMI_material.rar

Just playing with it now

Dunno if there’s a English version of 1.0.117 - couldn’t find it :slight_smile:

Rar file contains english PDF’s for User guide/instructions and whatnot - look’s like “material” is a language translation error for “English” :slight_smile:

Here it is running!

Played around with it - looks to be almost 100% compatable with nextion stuff - at a fraction of the price. Tried the 4.3 model and it supports xpic and all that stuff that only the nextion expensive models support (which imho is dumb - since the stm on the nextion can easily do all that stuff - just seems like a commerce thing).


Hello, thanks for the info… My 4.3 HMI is on it’s way, but I had a go on the FY platform …

I am a “user” not a programmer sooo… my use of the board will be limited to graphic interface

this is my design running well on a 4.3 Nextion Basic


An HMI company that has cheap screens and actually releases an English & Chinese editor… That’s promising indeed.

A quick check reveals it uses V3 fonts and doesn’t seem to support V5 yet, so no anti-aliasing or variable width. They use .font extensions but they are internally the same as the.zi format used by TJC/Nextion fonts.

Feauturewise the FY HMI editor feels like TJC/Nextion version 0.53 with a bit more modern look. The only text-encodings are plain ASCII and GB2312.

These screen are definately related to the TJC/Nextion family, but the editor lags a bit behind from what I can see.

I’m new to HMI displays and have currently been researching the cheap ones for my project - TJC/Nextion and FYU.

I played some more with the FYU editor and found a slight problem - it can only load images that are equal to or smaller than the display size. That sucks for me - I planned to use the awesome JS Knobpng’s with the slider control - to get VST style components. But because they are bigger than the screen - can’t use em unless I convert to a GIF or remap to screen size. Wish they’d build that functionality into a proper component for knobs.

The Png’s are here if any one has a similar project to mine!

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Can FYU34T4827 running well on a 4.3 Nextion Basic ?
Can FYU34T4827 display and desing on a Nextion?

does anyone here know how the button on this display will send a serial confirmation when pressed, i am having difficulty on this display since the Nextion Editor has “send component” while this FYU Editor has none.

Looks like you have to write the corresponding event code yourself. In the component detail pane, you can switch between attribute and event view.

done that already. the hard part is decoding the printh or print function in the arduino side.

edit: got it working now. https://www.seithan.com/EasyNextionLibrary/

Can you help me? FYU can connect with arduino? It’s right?
I want to control hardware by Arduino Mega? I want to connect FYU with Arduino.
What app display and design FYU? What about it connect with Arduino?
Help me, please! I am doing my graduation project.

Thanks a lot. I love you Guys.

I’m mechatronics engineering technology students of the university at Vietnamese.

Did anyone succed in using arduino code to send to this display?


i cant download from that link

how can i get the zip file ? maybe somone can send to me nunoresendemartins@yahoo.es

Link not working

the instructions are similar as for Nextion, but differ a little in some points

for example, you need to end each command to FYU with:
in stead of the one for Nextion: