Filestream new line in txt file


I can write data to my txt file, thats good.
But I can not figure out how to send new data in the next line.
It is alway replacing the data in the first line.
I tried with \r at the end like this:

dataset.txt=t2.txt //5 Chars
dataset.txt+=t3.txt //3Chars
dataset.txt+=t5.txt //3Chars
dataset.txt+=t6.txt //1Char
dataset.txt+=t7.txt //4 Chars
dataset.txt+="\r" //2 Chars I guess

What is wrong with that?

fs0.write() will overwrite the file. so it is correct. Perhaps you can copy first the content and then append the rest.

You can have a look here:

Sending a springf in multilines to nextion

I can reproduce 5 different variables over 5 different lines at the same time in a springf format,with a single txt module in nextion :slight_smile:

p.s: there’s a problem with the char " when i copy the code in my arduino IDE,
it’s not recognized,i have to rewrite the char " at every place.

This will not work for me, I’ve too much data I want to store and update.
I’ll use an other option on Arduino site.