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File is too large

I’m finally getting round to using my NX4832T035_011 deivce after having bought it a year or more ago.

Back then I created a test project ok. Now the editor has upgraded and when I load the project it tries to upgrade display firmware but all i get is a message on display saying ‘file is too large for destination device’.

I followed the legacy upgrade steps using the SD which went ok, but still the same issue I can’t get past.

I’ve searched everywhere for the firmware file so i can drop it on the sd but unable to locate.

any help much appreciated.

so nobody else had this issue? Wondering if my board was a fake ? Is there a way to tell ?

ok -so found the issue. The ‘file too large’ error message is referring to the project not the firmware, even though the editor says ‘press ok t o upgrade the firmware’ and then the error occurs.

Bizarrely the editor checks the project size before doing the firmware upgrade, so the error message has the wrong context.

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