External SD card file browse on Nextion screen

I’ve built a cable cutter/stripper machine equipped with an interface that allows users to input parameters dictating the type of cable and the specifics of how it will be cut and stripped. Currently, I’m exploring options to save the different cable types in profiles through the Nextion interface onto an external SD card via a shield connected to an Arduino. The goal is to enable browsing and utilization of these saved profiles directly from the machine. Each profile consists of two values alongside a descriptive name. Additionally, I’m interested in reading .csv files from a secondary SD card, which I intend to preload with data on my computer. (This data will load an existing profile and carry the values that outline the specifics of how and how many cables will be managed…)

Previously, I experimented with using wepo and repo commands for EEPROM storage, but this only applies to Nextion’s internal memory, and I’m looking for a solution that utilizes an external SD card for more flexibility. Does anyone have suggestions on how to implement this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

If you use an intelligent P series Nextion HMI, you better use the Nextion’s internal SD card slot. This will allow you to use readily made components for browsing directories and files.

You can also send the data to the Arduino and have it store and retrieve the data.

You are right this makes it a lot easier, thanks a lot !

Yes but would’t it also mean that the Nextion wouldn’t adapt its interface if I were to add or remove files on the SD card? So, I would have to modify the Nextion interface every time I modify the SD card.

Why would you change the interface? Just change the data.

It’s sufficient to do a file browser refresh by code.