Eeprom of nextion enhanced series

Is there any way to write in to eeprom of nextion enhanced series from arduino? Using itead arduino lib

The wept and rept commands allow bulk writing and reading of byte streams to and from the eeprom over the serial connection. Take care, Nextion firmware does no wear leveling, so individual flash cells might not longer work after ~10000 write cycles. Read cycles do not wear them out and are unlimited. There is no “ready to use” function in the lib, as far as i know (I never use it), you’ll have to write a few lines of code by yourself. Here is the symbolic code for writing 64 bytes at eeprom address 128:
NexSerial.print(“wept 128,64\xFF\xFF\xFF”);
wait for Nextion returning “0xFE0xFF0xFF0xFF”
wait for Nextion returning “0xFD0xFF0xFF0xFF”
… and you are done.

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Ok thanks got it
So it’s not lib fumction

I was able to do it with sendCommand("").
Thanks for the clue