Hello everyone.
Before I start my questions, I would like to mention that I use “google translation” and if there is someone from DE who could help me in DE language, I would prefer it because the translation often messes things up.

My problem, my question:

I’ve been using Nextion for a few years, mostly the “ench” version, but also have intelligent versions.

I also have this “NSPanel” which I haven’t demulated because it fits my purposes very well in Original.

I’ve never managed to install my ESP’s in HA ESPHome, I’ve always used either ArduinoIDE or EasyESP.

However, since this NSPanel came out, one can suddenly find countless ways to demulate it, especially with the help of ESPHome, where the previous bugs and problems for Nextion displays seem to have been fixed.

So I came up with the idea of ​​possibly recreating my previous projects in this way, but I have some problems with this, because how do I get what was written in arduino to esphome?

An ESP32 has many GPIO`s, so in order not to burden the router unnecessarily, I always tried to install as many sensors and switches as possible on an ESP…
These are:

Temperature inside + outside
(Display works very well in Nextion)
Reais for heating and small pump (pouring) as “Dalbutton”. That works too.

Soil moisture sensors to be able to switch the relays. The circuit works, but I can’t get the display on Nextion together.

The value of soil moisture (“value of sensor”) was configured as “XFLOH”.
However, this should change its color depending on the “status of the value”. For example:
650<=value>350 in green, and the text should say “OK”
Value>650 the color should be red, and in the next line as text: “dry”
Last value:
Value<350 in yellow color and text underneath “wet”.

How to make in Nextioneditor without ArduinoIDE?

Or how do I do that in ESPHome?

Its probably easy to do using a variable and timers. In the timer event, you check the variable and have an IF/ELSE/THEN block decide on your logic .

I’ve sent you a pm with an explanation in german.

Best of luck!