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Dual State Button issue when running with Serial.begin

I was trying to implement two dual state buttons to my project and i was able to do it . but when i added Serial.begin function with 57600 baudrate. only bt1 is working and bt0 is not responding. can you please assist me. Thank You in advance

#include "Nextion.h"
int RELAY_LED = 13;
NexDSButton bt0 = NexDSButton(1, 4, "bt0");
NexDSButton bt1 = NexDSButton(1, 6, "bt1");

uint32_t dual_state0=0;
uint32_t dual_state1=0;

void setup(){

void loop(){  

if(dual_state0==1) //When pressed dual state button dual_state0 =1
    digitalWrite(RELAY_THROTTLE, HIGH);
    Serial.println("BIG LED ON");
  else if(dual_state0==0)
    digitalWrite(RELAY_THROTTLE,LOW ); 
    Serial.println("BIG LED OFF");

if(dual_state1==1) //When pressed dual state button dual_state1 =1
    digitalWrite(RELAY_LED, HIGH);
    Serial.println("small LED ON");
  else if(dual_state1==0)
    digitalWrite(RELAY_LED,LOW ); 
    Serial.println("small LED OFF");


Do you have this: bauds=57600 as the first line in your page0 Preinitialization event?

Hi @elf .
Thank for the reply. And yes i do have that initiated in the first page of my Nextion

Try moving Serial.begin to Setup or is there a reason you’re starting it every few milliseconds? You can also try moving the delay to between the two .getValue’s.
Note: Communicating between the mcu and the Nextion is really easy without the Nextion.h library.

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Thanks for the insights . will try that. @elf

actually moving the serial.begin helped .
thank You @elf :pray:

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