Does Nextion Editor support Italic fonts?

Hello, all,
I’m looking for Roboto Bold Italic font and try to generate it in Font generator of Nextion Editor, but not found it in list of supported fonts.
Also I see that there are no Italic fonts in supported list. Is it possible to create own Roboto Bold Italic zi file other way or am I on wrong way?

Thank you.

It works for me with this version of the font: Roboto Bold Italic font |

You may need to restart the ide for the font to be active.

Hello, thank you for reply,
I have installed your variant of font, but there are no changes.

Tools → Font Generator → Font list (no Roboto Italic font in available list).
I have try to select “Harlic Solid Italic” font on other computer (Windows8) in Nextion Editor and get message “Unsupported font”. I dont understand what the problem with italic fonts.

Mybe you can share your .zi file with this font?