Detecting Nextion power-up with nextion.h library


I am using ESP32 with nextion.h library towards a nextion display. (NX4827P043-011C-Y)

Sometimes i have to power-off nextion to upgrade the program on nextion.

I would like to detect nextion power-ON, after program update, using the nextion.h library.

Is there a way to do this.

I know that nextion is sending power-on information to the serial port.
printh 00 00 00 ff ff ff 88 ff ff ff

How can we detect this power-on information using the nextion.h library.

Any help on this mather is appreciated

I have my own Library (also called Nextion.h…perhaps I should change the name.
Using it you should be able to detect that.

You can find the library at GitHub - bricomp/Nextion-Library: Use this code to produce your own Nextion Library,

It has extensive instructions, a video and a tutorial.