Data reverting to set value intermittently

Hello, I have several Nextion screens, most the 3.5 basic and one discovery series. I noticed this issue with all of them and wondering if its a “feature” or something that I can correct.

I have them serial connected to Esp32s and using the EasyNext library on most of them but I have one using the standard Nextion library.

The issue is while the code is running, the values are uploaded to the screen and it will work 99.9% of the time correctly. Then it will all of a sudden loose the value that was being displayed on the screen and revert to the value for the number object (mostly set to zero in the Nextion editor) for a brief second and then show the value that it was previously. It’s like the display resets or looses the value from memory until the value gets sent again from the Esp32. I have not caught it on any serial monitor to see if there’s an error since it doesn’t do it all the time.

Any words of wisdom on this topic would be greatly appreciated.