Confusion with intermediary Nextion firmware

Hi, I’m new in the subject )

I’ve got old NX4024K032_011R with firmware S54. As I understand firmware should be updated to at least version S62 for using available editors.
According to it can be done with intermediary Nextion firmware. Can I use I_T032.tft for update NX4024K032_011 or it is only suitable for NX4024T032?

Hi and welcome @mike7!

The conditions listed on the page you linked are to be understood as “must all apply”.

Which Nextion devices are classed Legacy and may need intermediary upgrade
– your Nextion is a T Series Basic Model NX----T---_011 (Basic models have blue PCBs)
– your Nextion has the Itead logo (not the Nextion logo)
– your last Nextion project uploaded used Editor v0.37 or prior
– your Nextion connect reports firmware below S62
If these conditions apply then an intermediary upgrade is needed to use the newer Nextion Editors.

Yours isn’t a Basic series model, so you’re good. Nextion being the way they are, they don’t use coherent firmware numbers for all series. So the Basic series S62 is a completely different version than a Enhanced series S62 (no clue whether this one even exists; these numbers don’t matter too much in day to day usage).

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Hi @Max !

Got it, thank you!

PS I also have the Basic model, updated successfully