Conditional compilation?

I have a (large) app that pretty much has the same .HMI file (i.e same code base) for Enhanced and Intelligent displays.

I develop for Intelligent and save as required. For Enhanced I change the device type to Enhanced, and alter the .psta attribute of one slider (which is set to blank when you changed from Intelligent to Enhanced) and all is good. I save it separately.

The code has to be “lowest common denominator” for the two types of display, but that’s OK so far.

I now want to move some components at run time on the Intelligent version - but as I can’t do that on Enhanced I’m happy not to move them

However, I can’t keep a single code base, as the Intelligent code for moving components (i.e. changing .x and .y attributes) won’t compile when the device is set to Enhanced

A compile time directive e.g.


…would be perfect, but I 'm sure they don’t exist (wish list item please!)

Any ideas if this can be achieved some way?