Composite video Input or Output for NEXTION HMI

Hi friends,
I’m new in your community, but I’m really happy to read what hard work you do here.
Thank you so much for all the information.

I have a project with 3.5" nextion hmi, and I’m trying to show some analog video input on the screen.

Is there any chance to showing something like rearview car camera with Composite signal?

Thank you so much

Hi and welcome @manoloff!

This is really a feature Nextion’s not been designed for and as such it’s not possible to implement it in a practical way. It would be somewhere along the lines of sampling the image on your attached microcontroller, and sending it pixel by pixel to Nextion - which would take many seconds per frame even on a low resolution.
Nextion intelligent series might offer some slightly less hacky options but it’d remain hacky nonetheless.
You might want to get a “dumb” screen and have a look at some graphics libraries for your microcontroller.

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Thank you so much!
I write an Android App and connect it directly with HC-05 to the serial of nextion but the connection is too slow. Image 128x64 needs over 5 minutes per image.

If improve to send the same colors per command the time is under 1 minute, but it is still too long.