Commands not executed by the simulator over serial to change pages

Hi all, how are you?. I’m trying to change pages over serial while I’m simulating a NX4024T032, the command is received by the simulator but it does nothing, the command only remains at the MCU return area and nothing else. As an MCU I’m using TeraTerm since I’m not going to use an Arduino but an STM32.

The following image shows that the command was received by the simulator

The shown page is the “clave” page and I want to move to the “estado” page. For some reason the simulator doesn’t execute the command and the page is never changed but if I type the command from the keyboard then the page changes without problem, so I need help here.

How can this be solved?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi and welcome!

The editor is right. You‘re not sending a correct command.

The end of the command is not marked by sending the characters ' ', '0', 'x', 'F', 'F' three times but by sending the single character 'ÿ' three times. This is caracter number 255, or 0xff in hex. Just like 'a' is character number 97 or 0x61 in hex.

So instead of
page estado 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF
You should send
page estadoÿÿÿ
Note that between the command and the ÿÿÿ is no space.

Kind regards,


Hi @Max, thank you so much for your help, now is working as expected.

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