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Change visibilty of button on other page

Hi all,
I am making a program with different pages and each page has 9 buttons. On 1 of the pages I would like to tell by using a checkbox which button is displayed and which not. So for example, on page 4 I would like to say, on page 1 I don´t want to see button 4. How can I do this and can I save this? So the next time the display starts up the lest settings of which buttons are displayed stay the same.
Many thanks for your help with this.

Set an EEPROM value on one page X, then read that in the Preinitialization event of page 1. Use EEPROM if you need to have the setting after rebooting. repo and wepo are the EEPROM commands to use. It takes 4 bytes to store a 32 bit number in EEPROM. Text takes 1 plus the number of characters.

Thanks, I’ve done like you told and works perfect.
Many thanks for you help.

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