Can I change serial communication codes in nextion?

Hey There, I have a problem about serial communication. I have one card that I got from the supplier, it performs its operations by receiving data from the screen with serial communication. I can’t interfere with the software on the card in any way. But I want to change my screen with Nextion. But there is a problem about communication. I need to send the codes that I have determined from Nextion so that my card can understand the incoming data. Is there any way to do it? Can I chage Serial Communication codes on nextion? Thx a lot.

It is technically possible to override almost everything of the Nextion’s default serial communication.
bkcmd=0 will cut off almost all success/fail return data from Nextion to device.
prints and printh commands allow to send arbitrary data from Nextion to device following your custom protocol.
recmod=1 deactivates the automatic processing of incoming serial data and gives you the control over the serial buffer which your code will then have to process “manually”:
The usize variable holds the number of bytes waiting in the buffer similar to serial.available().
The u[n] array gives access to the n-th byte in the buffer.
The ucopy command allows to copy a specified number of bytes over into a numeric or a text variable.
The udelete command deletes a specified number of bytes from the buffer (preferably after having processed these).

Thx for your reply Fjodor. I’m done about this topic. But if you know, please reply again, I want to change serial communication polarity, Right now, Nextion has configuration High idle polarity for serial port. is there any way to change this?