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Buttons touch area

I have a Sonoff NSPanel that I’ve flashed with ESPHome and am building a dashboard for Home assistant. This is where I am so far…

The problem I have is that the buttons only seem to work when I tap on the extreme left hand edge. This is what it looks like in the editor and it works fine in the debugger.


I don’t think the calibration is out. The touch area isn’t offset, it’s just very narrow. That lounge button is 60px x 60px but it’s like the touch area is 10px wide by 60px high.

It’s the same across the whole width of the sreen.

Hi ACJUK, having the same issue. Ever find a solution?

Yes. Have you seen the bit of code that is supposed to fix it?

You need this:

lcd_dev fffb 0002 0000 0020

But it has to go BEFORE page 0.

The original video I watched had it after. Makes sense though

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