Bought 2 10 inch Nextion LCDs, Banned in 20 mins

Hi everyone!

I watched a few display videos and the reviews were so cool for the Nextion display. Bought a couple and started playing with them. I found them very good.

I was stuck with graphs line size and asked a question in the official forum since i couldn’t find the solution anywhere using search. Checked a few mins later and my reply was gone. It wasn’t even a new thread. BANNED

I am still trying to figure of any logical reason of getting banned. Can someone point me to the right direction? I am sure i won’t do business with them but maybe something i triggered that broke their rules?

Very interesting business model they have i must admit :smile:

Being a member of this noble unofficial board at the same time and with the same user name could have been the reason, I guess…

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Username was different but why would this be a problem? It’s 2 different forums. One can join any number of forums he wants.
Still waiting for a logical reason lol.

Logic and common sense is optional when you’re dealing with a fruitcake like Patrick Martin.


Wow that’s a new low!

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They are extremely sensitive little snowflakes over there.

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Deleting threads is a lot easier than understanding your customers needs, helping them realize their goals, and encouraging new users to the platform to develop and then produce products which utilize the Nextion technology.

One is left to wonder what Nextion could have become under the direction of somebody who understood these simple concepts.


@DVEous not even optional.
Just being Patrick is enough for you to be dead on your bs.