Audio playback sequencing (wait for last clip to end before starting next)?

Hi - my robot uses text and audio prompts and plays confirmations using .wav snippets… I haven’t figured out how to manage timing easily - i.e. prevent the next promot from playing until the last answer confirmation has finished - has anyone mastered this or have suggestions? Ideally, I’d like to be able to query the audio channel to ensure it is idle before executing a new play or .en=1 on a resource…

I haven’t yet used it myself, but the Nextion documentation says that an event is triggered from the audio component when an audio file comes to its end:

The Audio component is used to present wav files that are stored in ram or microSD card. Use the VideoBox Tool Audio tab to create audio resources in the Nextion *.wav format. The Audio component contains an additional Play completed Event to trigger user code at the end of each iteration of the Audio. Use the .from attribute as external file and .path attribute to use *.wav files stored in ram or on Nextion’s microSD card.