A few queries regarding the tsw command

I have a single page project and I want to disable the touch activity on a button object name : b5

I have tried sending following but the button still changes colour when pressed -

tsw b5,0
tsw b5.0
tsw 0,b5,0
tsw 0.b5.0

( I have tried above with and without terminations - 0xff 0xff 0xff )

Should I suffix the page number “0” also ? What am i missing ??


You can hide the button altogether with: vis b5,0 (vis b5,1 to unhide)

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You should use “tsw b5,0” followed by 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF if you send this over the serial.
This works for me on text objects. Disabling the touch on text objects prevents the keyboard shows up.

You can read it all here instruction-set

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I am sending the following over Serial :

But it does not work … I am using LabVIEW and rest other functions for setting Values , colour of text work with no issue. Of course all those are assignment statements and this is a instruction by itself. Can you post the snippet from your code where you successfully do this ?

Thanks for responding !

Have you tried it to Debug it with Nextion Editor?
You enter string - tsw b5,0 and then when you change to “Hex” you can see what data is sent - 74 73 77 20 62 35 2C 30 ff ff ff
And it works fine for me.

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Thanks … its clear now. I have tried and it works.

Yeah… some programmers do this . But somehow it makes the interface look odd with missing buttons ! So I prefer disabling them.

Thanks for responding