2018 hmi code not working with new enhanced

Hi, new to the forum. We wrote hmi code in 2018 for basic 7in monitor with Arduino uno.

Have pulled it out to use with a new enhanced 7in. Code loads but does not function with the Arduino. Have read a lot about this legacy issue and using old code in new monitors. Is this what’s possibly happening with me? I have the latest editor so when I open the hmi file it asks to update to latest version hmi.
Really the question is basic. How can I get this old hmi code to work with my new enhanced monitor. I had to reload the old arduino editor from 2018 to get the arduino code to load in the uno. As the latest adruino editor was throwing loads of errors. But once I used the old version it worked a charm. I believe you all can tell I’m a true novice at this, so simple and direct works good for me. Thanks