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1.63.3 font generator vs LTS font generator


I’m converting a large LTS app (48 pages, 29.7MB .tft file) to 1.63.3

All is going well except for some of the text fields at the top of some screens.

In LTS I used the font generator to create calibri 72 point font (happy with it, only use numbers 0-9), put the text field at the top of the page and set ycen to “Up”. All is good and the text is pretty tight to the top.

In 1.63.3, to get approximately the same size text, I have to use the font generator to create calibri 112 point font (not sure why, but can live with it)

However, there seems a lot of white space above the 1.63.3 font - with ycen still set to “up” the text is not close enough to the top for what I need

t0 is calibri 72 generated in LTS, t1 is calibri 112 generated in 1.63.3. 5" enhanced display

Any ideas how to get the 1.63.3 text tight up against the top?


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