Update values on display wake up via serial

Hi All,
I have a nextion display running that displays the data received via serial from the MCU.
I`ve enabled the sleep functionality and a wake up on touch.
Data is being sent to display every 10 seconds no matter if display is on or not.

My problem is that when user touches the display to wake it up, it goes back from sleep and the old values are being displayed until new ones are not sent via serial.

I want display to sent an event via serial on wake up back to MCU that would trigger the value update.

I`ve created an on touch event for entire display that sends data back to mcu via serial and initiates the data refresh but the problem is that event is fired when user touches the screen AFTER device is back online which does not meet my requirement.

I need somehting that will trigger this update exactly when device wakes up. having uses touch twice on the screen just to see a fresh data is not acceptable.

Anyone stumbled across the same problem ?

Maybe instead of putting device to sleep just try to dim it to 0 so it still receives the data ? Any ideas ?

Is this a portable device and power minimization is the primary objective with putting the Nextion to sleep?

If power isn’t an issue, then just Dim it back after x minutes (screen saver timer).
And a touch event resets the screen saver timer.

When the Nextion is active, is it being updated every 10 seconds? The Nextion Instruction Set seems to indicate code will still be executed while in Sleep mode.

Thanks for all replies so far!
Device is not mobile so power saving is not a big issue hence im also leaning towards dimming.
Display is receiving data via serial even if its sleeping but it is not processing it.
I guess its a missing featute in firmware and it should be very easy to implement, just a variable you set on or off and value it should sent…

Its just i think its a pretty basic feature, displays mostly are set on sleep timers so it should be there…

What I’m doing is to stop sending data to the hmi after it went to sleep and re-enable the data sending after it is awake, basically by checking the 0x86 and 0x87 messages repectively