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Turning Symbols

High Team,

I would like to create a page showing a turntable for my modelrailway. With the available commands I can create circles but I need something like a simple rectangle to show how the lokomotive lane is turning. The only symbol I found that can be turned is the “Gauge”. But I cannot change it, even if I ungroup it.
Is there a way to create turning symbols? With HMI or system commands?

Best regards and waiting for information
Michael (tourbiker)

Simplest way is probably to use a picture component on the page and to create n picture resources, one for each turntable position. And then, use HMI code to dynamically set the resource id of the picture component

Hi Fjodor, thanks for the fast response. Looks like a lot of work, as a standard turntable has up to 48 positions and you will not see a smooth turn just a jump from one position to the next…

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