TJC Editor Update v1.61.5

The TJC Editor got updated to v1.61.5. Here’s the google translated changelog:

1.61 update description:

  1. Increase the string splitting instruction: spstr (used to split the string according to the specified keyword).
  2. Increase audio control (FLASH internal audio and SD card external audio can be played).
  3. Increase the 1.8-inch product line model.
  4. Optimize the accuracy of baud rate recognition when the screen is online.
  5. Fix the conflict between some characters and escape characters under big5 encoding.
  6. Repair the risk that Flash data may be damaged if the power supply is unstable under T0 series 3.5 inches.

Sub-version repair record:

  1. When sliding to turn pages, the control press event and sliding event will automatically select one of the two operation screens, and will no longer be executed at the same time.
  2. When the system variable bkcmd=3, the get, prints, and printh commands only return the corresponding variable/constant content, and will not return a successful execution response, and other commands remain unchanged.
  3. Fix the display bug when the width of the waveform control is less than 50.
  4. When covx converts HEX data, an error will be reported when the number of converted bytes is manually entered as the base.
  5. Assignment operations with invalid resource file IDs are no longer executed.

Fix the screen connection exception when bkcmd=3.

Fix the bug that the vid attribute of the animation control is hidden.

Fix T0 series project download bug.

First release

Lets see when our great friend and helper Patrick is gonna release the english version.

Kind regards,

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I’d rather see an English crack of the USART Editor.
The less Patrick has to do with things, the better.

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