TJC editor and screen calibration

Unfortunately, I broke a TJC. To be precise a TJC4827X343_011 4.3" touchscreen on a new CNC.
And to be even more precise, there was an option" Calibration ". Unfortunately, this did not mean the machine but the touchscreen. To make a long story short: Now I can no longer use the screen to control the machine.

I’ve read my way through the last few days. I also stumbled upon the Nextion versus TJC issue. On the actual topic: Where can I get the TJC Editor (UART HMI editor?)? I can’t find any download links that still work. I am assuming that there is really no way to control a TJC display with the Nextion editor?

If someone could even help me out with a small program to calibrate the touchscreen again, that would be really nice. The Chinese customer service is surprisingly of no help. Yeah, that was sarcasm.
I would be very grateful for any help and tips.

Cheers & Thanks