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Text control with rounded corners?

Nextion Editor V1.62.2

Screen: NX1060P101_011

The problem that I am trying to solve is to present my sensor data to the nextion screen in a text control with rounded corners. Is there a way too achieve this without having to create an image? I also don’t plan to use the arduino library.

My very limited knowledge about nextion is making me think that I will need to create a box with rounded corners in a graphic designer, then import that to the nextion as an image and layer a text control over that.

However, i’m not very graphically inclined.

Yep. No way around images. There are tons of graphics out there for UI design; no need to create your own.
Here’re mine btw (MPL2 licensed): Syntherrupter/Syntherrupter_Nextion/Pictures at v4.1.4 · MMMZZZZ/Syntherrupter · GitHub

The resulting UI looks like this:

Together with my Icon Coloring Helper you can change the colors of most of my graphics to anything you like.

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Ooops… stupid me overlooked that you have an intelligent series screen. In that case it obviously makes more sense to use transparent pictures (mine aren’t).


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Thanks. I was browsing GIMP last night and stumbled upon the rectangle select tool option from the toolbar, selected the Rounded corners checkbox and used the paint bucket to fill. Seemed to work.

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