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System data Error

Hi . I am trying to recover a nextion NX4832K035_011 from a " System data error" which occurred when,

while downloading a project to Nextion our power grid went down.

I have a micro SD card and reader but what do I do next?

Thank you

Hi and welcome @Farticus!

Usually you can solve this sort of issues by taking an SD card with any TFT file (that matches your device), plug it in, power it up, and it should just load the file from the SD card, replacing anything corrupted.
It is important to note that in such cases the screen tends to refuse known good SD cards. So you should definitely try a couple cards if one doesn‘t work (even if it previously did).
Serial update usually does not work.

Kind regards,

Tx Max
Tried 3 sd cards
Formatted sd cards before transferring TFT file
All said “model does not match

The unit that does not work is the one with the " battery holder"
Is there anyway you could tell me where I could download a TFT file to suit the
non working unit

The black board model on the left is an ENHANCED (notice “K” in model number)

The blue board model on the right is a BASIC (notice “T” in model number)

You’re probably trying to load BASIC firmware onto the ENHANCED.

Do this -

  • Download the Nextion Editor

  • Start a new project for a 3.5" Enhanced

  • Go to the 1st page and in the pre-init tab add the following

cls RED

  • Click COMPILE

  • Click FILE > TFT File Output > OUTPUT

  • Drag this new TFT file to your SD card and remove and other files from card

  • Power OFF Nextion, Insert Micro SD card and Power ON

This should load the correct firmware from the micro SD card and allow future serial uploads

Thanks Mate. Worked just fine.
Really appreciated
“Wish you lived near so I could buy you a beer” :grinning:

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