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“Sys error” message marking problem after memory replacement

There was someone who asked the same question, but I closed the Topic without completing the answer.

hi, One LCD was broken during the use of two LCD was broken.

The two products (NX4832T035_011) are the same product.

After removing one Flash memory, I soldered it to the other, and it worked normally.

The same flash memory (W25Q128JVSIQ) was purchased and memory was copied and soldered using Rom Writer (beeprog2).

When I supplied the power, a “sys error” error message was displayed on the red screen.

To initialize, “nextion editor” was used to create and upload an empty project, but the error message is displayed the same.

Is there a solution?

Hi and welcome @JAYING,

IMO there are two possible reasons for this: either something with the copying went wrong or something with the chip is wrong. I don’t know the tools you’ve used so I cannot say for sure if your copy process worked or not. It is the most likely culprit though.
Assuming the copy is indeed perfect, then there must be something different with the chip. They may be using a modified/customized version with a different address/id/… They wouldn’t be the first manufacturer to do such things. This would mean you cannot easily replace the chip.

You could hook up a logic analyzer to the data lines and capture a working and a non-working startup sequence. There must be a difference; maybe this is the quickest way to find it (a protocol analyzer could easily tell you if Nextion was reading the chip properties or its content).

Hope this helps!

@Max Thank you for your answer.
The manufacturer seems to have worked to prevent copying the chip.
I’ll test it out in various ways.
Thank you again for your kind reply.

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