Send fill to specific page

How do you target a specific page with fills as can be done with text, numbers, variables etc.
Have a need to send ‘code produced’ rectangles from arduino.

Hi @Bobj,

Not sure if I understood your question correctly but any draw commands like fill can only apply to the current view. The thing is, they don‘t create new text or pic or other objects, they only manipulate the display buffer. Meaning, they‘re written directly to the screen, independently of your UI. Hence if you refresh an underlying component your rectangle/text/picture is gone. As i said, there is no data stored from the command. It get‘s drawn and if something overdraws it it‘s gone.

So with this in mind you cannot draw something on another page or in advance. You can only draw here and now. Live. Maybe the solution for your problem is to create hidden objects on that page that only become visible if some conditions are met.

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Thanks Max,
Excellent explanation. What I don’t want is to show fills on the wrong page so I will code the arduino to ensure the correct page is displayed before sending. Also that if the user moves pages then when they return the fills are resent again.
Thanks again
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I try to avoid sending data from the mcu if it can be stored on the Nextion.

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