Reset Text String to Default Value

Hello folks,
Is there any way to reset the text string back to the default value set in the Nextion IDE?

Default set to t0.txt=“OK”
I want to change the text to t0.txt=“ERROR 1” or t0.txt=“ERROR 2” depending on certain conditions. (I am able to do this from an arduino).

However, Is there any way to reset the value to the IDE default without explicitly sending the value from the Arduino?


What action removes the error condition?

If it’s a local variable, then it gets automatically reset to the default value when you (re)load the page.

Other than that I don’t know any “clean” way of resetting it - meaning you need to include the default value either in your arduino or your nextion code.

Kind regards,

Thanks @elf and @Max.

I am implementing an error handler in the Arduino to reset this.