Replacing a TJC Screen - Copy data?

I have a device which uses a TJC screen which started to fade, so I am looking to purchase a replacement one. However, I would need to also copy the eeprom data (excuse my ignorance) from the old device to the new one, is this easy or even possible if I don’t have the original HMI file, and only the old screen I can copy off?

If so what would be the next steps? USB to TTL cable, would I have to use the JTC (Chinese) editor? or is there a simple eprom reader / writer I can use?

Unsolder the eeprom, get a programmer, extract the contents, resolder it.
Then with the new one do the same thing but not extract but flash the eeprom data.

Easier way, just buy another display from ebay etc. It is cheaper and better. Just see the name written on the lcd flex cable, ebay it.

So not as easy as I was hoping for… (If had to unsolder the EPROM might as well swap them over than extract the data.)

I looked at the flex cable didn’t seem that it could be removed easily… Might have another look then.

If you are going to buy the same board, you can just swap them

But as said, better to just buy a new display