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Ref command doesn't take affect

Hi. I have switched from Enhanced to Intelligent series and I can’t refresh components anymore (to bring component on top).
I found this online (

  1. The default loading mode is automatically load when you create and edit a component in Nextion Editor. If set it as manually load, you should use ref command to load the component. Or when the component is covered by the other components, you can use this command to refresh the covered component.

  2. Component auto refresh when attribute changes only valid for those attributes in green bold font. The other attributes not in this format can only be refreshed and displayed by the command of ref.

3.When creating a component in Nextion editor, the default loading mode is auto loading. When the loading mode is set as manual loading, it requires to use ref to load. When the component is sheltered by GUI command mapping, or when the component is sheltered by other manual loading components, you can use ref to refresh the component.

Where to set the loading mode? Any clues anyone? Thanks

The iteadstudio wiki was already more or less outdated in 2018, a long time before the Intelligent series came to market.
Nowadays, all components are automatically loaded in the order of their object id. The vis command allows to hide or to show (including bringing it to front) a component. On the Intelligent series, there is an additional command, setlayer, which allows to bring a specific component in front of another specific one.

More details about these commands in the recent Nextion Instruction Set doc, available on the website.

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