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Passing Data to an arduino

Hi there I would like to pass numeric date from a Nextion to an arduino I have created a “n0” as a keyboard fill and would like to send the resauling number to the arduino .
Can someone help please?

Have you installed the Nextion Library ?

If not, here the .zip file you need:

If you have installed the library, you will find some examples, like this one for Numbers:


Thanks for that Marten
I will give it a try

You don’t need the library. It’s much easier to just read the serial data directly:

Nextion code in button Touch Release Event
  print "." // Ascii:46  Used in Arduino switch statement
  print pageProgram.n0.val
  printh FF // custom serial terminator

Arduino code
	// All Nextion incoming data packets are terminated with one 0xFF byte (Custom termination).
	if ((Serial1.available() > 0) || (Serial2.available() > 0)|| (Serial3.available() > 0))
		incomingByte = SerialRead(serialId); // SerialRead just checks three possible serial ports for data.
    switch (incomingByte)
  			case 46: // . - 
				patternCount = GetSerialInteger(); // Set variable to the integer
				EEPROM.put(eePromAddress_Pattern, configPattern); // Also store in EEPROM 
  /// <summary>
/// Parse serial input for new integer value
/// </summary>
/// <comment>
/// </comment>
/// <returns>Integer value</returns>
int GetSerialInteger()
	char inputHex;

	// Value will be 0 to 100
	inputHex = SerialRead(serialId);  

	int newInteger = (int)inputHex ;
	while (SerialAvailable() > 0)  //
		// Discard remaining serial chars

#ifdef DEBUG
	const char * int_Char = "Int:";
#endif // DEBUG
	return newInteger;

Thanks Elf i will give that a try

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