NX4827T043_011 Backlight power supply failure

I had a fully functioning remote control with T043 display which has worked fine until I dropped it yesterday. The display LCD is still working, but the backlight is not. I have tested all the backlight leds and they are fine. I have had a close look at the PCB in particular the components that appear to be the led step up power supply around inductor L1 and it looks as though R10 is missing. There are pad marks in the solder as if there was once a resistor there. I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone know the value of this resistor or could point me to a detailed photo of the board so that I can try replacing it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi sticks
I have the same model but different layout.
R10 is 7R5. looks like an overcurrent situation may cause overheating/burnout of R10 causing it to drop off the board.
Hope this helps

Hi Lyn,

Many thanks for responding to my call for help. It was a while back, I had to buy another screen in the end and I found that the range had moved on so much that it became an opportunity for updating the project.

Thanks again