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NX3224T024 firmware dump

Hi, does anybody have a NX3224T024_11 eeprom dump? I tried to update the lcd under nextion editor 1.60.0 and after a “successful update” it boots up to a white screen.

I’ll note that any firmware images are going to involve copyrighted code, so I’d ask that something like that doesn’t get shared here on the forum.

@johnny5 in your case I’d recommend getting a microSD card (32GB or smaller) and try flashing that way.

It doesn’t boot from SD.

Did it boot from SD prior to the problem you’re experiencing now?

Yes. I also flashed another lcd (nx4827t043) with the same SD.

In that case, you might need to grab a second Nextion, suck the EEPROM out of that, and flash it back to the existing board.

I’ve personally done this without much fuss. I couldn’t get it to work w/ the EEPROM chip still soldered to the board, but it’s not too hard to solder on/off if you have hot air available.

Since the .tft file seems to contain the ability to upgrade the display, I’m thinking the necessary data for the the eeprom lives in there somewhere. Is there perhaps any way that the eeprom data can be extracted from the .tft file and an eeprom file generated, which can then be flashed manually without violating any copyright issues?

Or is it not as simple as that, with perhaps the STM32 uC reading data out the .tft file and storing it in different eeprom locations and/or there being kind of process that executes code as it is read to decrompress or otherwise manipualate it into the eeprom?

One way to answer question two could be to dump the eeprom and compare its data to the .tft and see whether there are any contigous matching blocks?

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