Novusun ethernet card and Nextion

Greetings to all and first of all I apologize for my English (google translator).
In the Italian forums I have not found answers and therefore I try to ask in this beautiful space.
I have a Chinese cnc machine that worked via parallel port, I decided to mount a Novusun V2 card with ethernet connection. It works perfectly!!! Then I built a minimal MPG with my 3D printer and now I would like to connect a 2.4 Nextion display where you can see the positions of the three axes (it’s not essential, but the desire to experiment is strong …). The Novusun board has the TX and RX pins but I can’t find anything that tells me how to connect the display (in which I’ve already created a layout). Has anyone tried this before? Would anyone know how to help me?
I thank in any case.

A quick look on the Novusun v2 board documentation did not reveal the presence of a 3.3V TTL UART which would be needed to drive a Nextion display. Furthermore, it is sure that the Novusun firmware does not master the Nextion instruction set and protocol.

Thank you for the very fast response Fjodor,
I know that there are controllers with a 4-line display connected to the Novusun board … in your opinion, using an Arduino could you use the Nextion to take the data and show them?
Thank you so much again

You’d have to analyze what the Novosun card outputs at its Tx pin, i.e. with a logic analyzer, and write corresponding Arduino code to parse that data stream, to extract and filter the relevant data and send it over to the Nextion.

I have an oscilloscope and a function generator (I am a radio amateur), but I don’t think I can get to do this thing … I will wait if someone more prepared than me will do a project … in the meantime thanks for your answers. Very kind.
Thanks Fjodor.

I solved using a Kuman TFT display mounted on Arduino Uno and connected usb to pc and following this guide: