Nextion V0.57 public beta 3231

I’m using Nextion Editor 0.57 public beta 3231.

(And for something “public”, it aint easily available to the public, it seems)

Is it just me, or does the Debug NOT work.
It compiles the code, and then I’m presented with a black preview screen.
Rather than being a functional debug.
Very handy.

Another bug:
You need to be online when launching, otherwise it fails the “update check”, and just exits.
Also very handy when you’re offline and trying to do work, ie; on a plane!

Aside from random crashes, any other bugs out there I haven’t found, yet?

This tragic POS software should only be used once your project is fully debugged, and ready for production, and you want anti-aliased fonts.

where to get it ? need AA

I mean… it does say “beta” right on the label.

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Why so impatient? I mean… that was an obviously leaked and buggy beta. A stable release might come some day. And antialiased fonts are not a major criterion, it’s just a “nice to have”. There is a facebook group which uses Nextions for HAM radio relay projects. They use fixed width fonts without antialiasing and their displays are well readable.

There is a trick to get rid of this online check.
“Fiddler” is the magic program.

I am not sure if it is allowed to post the files and rules.
But with that rules, fiddler is forwarding the internet requests for online check to local files, so you can use the program even without internet connection or like it is now, even they disabled the beta :slight_smile:

@luma or other “admin”, can i post this files and a small how-to?

So long as you’re not posting copyrighted binaries (which I don’t think you are here), then go right ahead!

OK, so here i attached a zip file which includes a screenshot of the fiddler rule
Attachment does not work, here for download.

you need to install Fiddler:

add the rules for the 2 files
They are generated for Nextion Editor 0.57, you can edit the php (and i think htm file) and change version and revision for other versions.

I hope it helps.

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does anyone have a dl link for this?