Nextion under volts fault

In an amazingly quick blink of an eye, I’ve managed to compromise a Nextion 3.5" somehow.

It still functions, but instead of drawing ~150mA, it draws 500mA, the backlight is dim, and the STM32 runs hot, real hot.

If this fault condition is confined to the STM32 alone, I can rat an STM32 off another display (obviously the same variant) that has different issues and put it onto the one I just toasted.

Has anyone been through this?
Is it just the STM32 that has partially failed or is something else involved?

It will probably die after a while. Just throw it to the trash. Repairing it is possible, but you need to have a thermocamera to see where it gets the hottest.

The hot air re-work station got some use this weekend.
These LQFP64 packages with 0.5mm pin pitch are a bitch.

Faulty STM32 micro was removed, and replaced with another STM32 from a donor display.

All good.
Fully functional. :slight_smile:

Good for you, get an undervoltage protection for it :slight_smile: