Nextion/TJC Reliability

I am new to HMI/Touch Screen Interfaces. I have experience in using ESP8266 and Arduino Boards via Arduino IDE and STM32 using the tools provided by ST (STM32 Cube IDE, Cube MX) and fairly good expertise on electronics design.
I already have a nextion 4 inch, TJC X5 Series 7 inch and an arduino Mega Touch Screen shield by waveshare. I have seen Weintek HMI’s extensively being used in industrial setups.
Need advice, in which HMI tool chain should I invest time.
Is Nextion/TJC reliable enough in long run?
My inclination is towards TJC panels due to excellent cost effectiveness.

I haven‘t used Nextions in industrial environments and only own one single device. Hence my experience is limited.

However, from all I‘ve seen (reports about display quality, power supply issues and radiated emissions), Nextion/TJC displays are built down to price. To the point that they prefer omitting a much needed decoupling capacitor (second link) because it barely works without.

I don‘t know your industrial application and what reliability is required. I also don‘t know if Nextion hardware is cheap yet reliable or only cheap. All I can tell you is that their products don‘t scream ‘rugged’ by any means. Also, their customer support is nothing I could honestly recommend to anyone (some more detailed thoughts). On top of that, while Nextion itself may be cheap, you might end up paying rather high prices for the support (compared to the cost of the devices).

Edit: Added radiated emissions link.

Hope this helps you with your decision!

I know of two companies for which I’ve worked in the past as a consultant, one in Kazakhstan and one in Mongolia, both manufacturers of home appliances, and which have replaced the traditional front panels with knobs, encoders and seven segment displays by Nextion HMI. Results are increased sales because of the more modern and stylish look and feel, and a lowered failure rate.
During the development phase, no support from Nextion was required.