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Nextion - sending images trough serial

Hi, my name is Breno, I recently graduated in mechatronics engineering in Brazil. I’ve been messing around with Nextion for some time now, but it’s my first time posting here, so I apologize in advance for bad english or if I’m posting this in the wrong place.

I am working on a project where I need to read some monochromatic images (about 200x700px) from a SD card, and display them on a touch screen as icons to be selected. The images will be different every time the SD is inserted, so I can’t just store them in Nextion firmware like we do with GUI images.

I know I can do that using a simple Arduino TFT screen and the library TFT.h. The problem is I need a 5 inch display, and I just can’t find an Arduino TFT screen bigger than 2.4" here in Brazil. It’s crazy, but I can only find 1.8" and 2.4" displays that are compatible with the TFT library. Also buying it from China or other country right now is not an option, unfortunally.

I have some experience with Nextion displays, and a basic Nextion 5" is something I can find here, but as far as I know, Nextion does not have a function like TFTscreen.image() in TFT library. The only thing I could think of was using ‘fill’, ‘line’ or ‘draw’ commands from Nextion, but that would require to draw every image almost pixel by pixel.

Is there any way I could send the images from Arduino to Nextion trough serial? Or maybe someone can recommend me a 5 inch touch screen that can do that and it’s easier to find?

Sorry to say with nextion, its not possible to do this…

That’s not true. The P series has the ExPicture component which can read and display pictures from the SD card.

Would the twfile command work?

Transfer file over Serial
twfile “sd0/0.jpg”,1120// transfer jpg over serial to sd0/0.jpg size 1120 bytes

The ExPicture component would be able to display that

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