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Nextion price increase?

Over my last few orders I’ve found that Nextion prices have been creeping up. My primary project utilizes a Basic 2.4 and prices have gone up by ~ 20%. Talking to some suppliers and they’ve all indicated that their pricing has increased from Nextion across the board.

Has anybody else noticed this? Between jacking up the prices and reducing the LCD screen quality it’s getting pretty hard to defend this component selection for any future products.

It might be that the displayed USD prices by Nextion have gone up since the USD has lost about 10% compared to the Chinese RMB, over the last 9 months. But this shouldn’t forcibly have an impact on retail prices in EUR, since there applies the same USD weakness. If European retailers do not forward the advantage of the weak dollar exchange rate to their clients…
Russian companies for example are required to add an additional 25% “security” margin to their pricing because of the varying exchange rates and difficulties in general with all foreign currencies which are not Russian rubles.

I noticed the same.
Price increased but i could do a “good deal” with my supplier so it is not too much.

I’m buying in USD. If it was an exchange rate thing I would expect all of my other components to be similarly going up in price. The chinese microcontroller I use is the same price, the Taiwanese PSU modules I buy, same price. It’s only the Nextion displays that seem to be increasing like this.

Yes, my supplier told me that Nextion increased the price.
It has nothing to do with the exchange rate.

Same here, several suppliers directly told me that Nextion has increased their pricing across the board, and these suppliers are in mainland China and thus are presumably not buying with USD.

Looks like my exchange rate theory doesn’t apply. Hmmmm…

So far the prices on my supplier are the same. I’m in Europe and buy from this supplier

Right, Komputer sells it for a lot more than i pay from a china supplier.
Thats maybe the reason why he did not increase his price, or he did not start a new order from his china supplier in the last few month.

Time for another order and… prices up even more. It’s nearly 50% higher than what I was paying 6 months ago.

Bold strategy Nextion, increase price and decrease quality and see what happens to your customers who made the decision to use your parts in their products.

Strange surprise… @luma, are you talking about the publicly displayed end user prices or do you have reseller status and conditions?

RFP responses from Alibaba vendors in qty 50, so not a huge lot but I’m also getting a sample of pricing from a few dozen bids each time.

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