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Nextion + ESP32 wifi problem

Hi all,

I have a problem with Nextion display 4.3 and ESP32.

Esp32 wifi working fine until power on Nextion display, then wifi is very slowy, a type of interference.

I changed wire, esp32, nextion, all. But the problem persist

Can you help me?

Thank you

Wouldn’t doubt it. They generage ubelievable amounts of broadband noise. If you figure out how to suppress it I would love to know how. From what I can tell it’s mainly coming from the lines that connect the FPGA to the SRAM. There is a very large spike at 375 MHz and harmonics all the way up through microwave. One spike is right at 1545 MHz (GPS).

If you download one of the GPS apps to your phone that show the dots where the satellites are and lay the phone on the back side of a running display you can watch them all go out of view and the phone loses GPS lock.

Here is my post about interference.

Hi, I did some lab emc testing on the LCD (fitted to a product) and found a lot of noise, but I see another mention to add a 470 uf Electro on the LCD power and Gnd,
image .

as said not tested that yet, but will soon as need to retest another product ,

may be worth a try… :slight_smile: cant hurt anyway. (unless you scare the cat by putting the wrong way.)

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I’m sure that would help with audio frequencies but doubt it will do much at RF.

I think that a solution is a shield RF on nextion, i will try it

Aluminum foil…that always used to work on all kinds of home electronics. :wink:

For high frequency, shielding with tinplate, as well as feed-through capacitors and ferrite beads for the supply and data lines are more recommended.

The problem seems to be it’s eminating right from the data lines on the board.

I have used a 5 inch TJC module in high voltage narrow pulse generator(15kV, 50ns rising edge). In order to shiled the display I use a aluminum box and a shield tape in the box. The tape is like this.

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