NEXTION Enhanced popup with exit YES NO dialog box

Dear All.
I am using NEXTION Enhanced LCD NX4832K035. I have been using count down timer window. I need help for popup window if user want to stop the counter, it should ask DO YOU WANT TO STOP THIS COUNTER. YES or NO. if user press YES it should go to main window with timer stopped, if user press NO it should continue to run the down timer.
I have used message popups, but no experience of popup dialog box.
If someone can help me in right direction. I will be thankful.
Thanks in advance

Create YES and NO buttons and make VIS=0 for both in page pre-initialise. Then when you press the stop counter button make VIS=1 for both of them. You will need to make them VIS=0 when you click YES or NO to make them invisible again.
Does this help?

thanks Bob. I will try. but how to show dialog box with warning message with yes no button. I will try it today. let’s see.
thanks again

PM me at ‘’ and will send sample HMI