Nextion EePROM life

I recently bought a Nextion Enhanced due to having EEPROM onboard. I got it the EEPROM reading and writing working just fine and is quite easy.

My question is 2 fold. What is the life span of the EEPROM on the Nextion?
To extend the EEPROM life, is there a way similar that Arduino use, eg EEPROM.update(). I only see repo and wepo in the instruction set.

You could just write your own update syntax. All that the Arduino does is compares the value then stores if it differs. Easy enough to code with a single if statement.

repo temp.val,123
  wepo temp.val,123

Average life of most EEPROMs are100,000 writes. Reads will not affect the life span of the EEPROM.
The datasheet for the EEPROM chip also says the same.

Thank you, much appreciated!

I check the board of TJC module, the eeprom on board is AT24C08N whichl should be the same on nextion board.
In the datasheet, it said can Endurance: 1 Million Write Cycles.
So usually it enough for storage data.

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