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Nextion Editor v1.63.1 available

Auto update worked!
Have programmed both 3.5" and 5.0" enhanced, with no drama.


  1. 1.62.x Bug Fix: second source flash bug Intelligent Series devices *
  2. Update the flash info of Discovery series device list from 8M to 16M


— All marked * items are only available for Intelligent Series HMI displays.

— If your HMI project was developed via 0.53 or prior version Nextion Editor, we recommend you to use the LTS version for project maintenance as the latest 1.63.1 version is not fully compatible with your existing source code and GUI design.

— If you are using Nextion Editor v.1.62.x, we recommend you upgrade to version 1.63.1 or later.

— Legacy device users please see FAQs here before Upgrading.

Does it still make files larger for upload?
The problem is that the stupid editor uploads a file which is too large for a display.
The display says “File is too large for destination device”. Then it needs to be powered off and on again, otherwise a new upload is not possible.
Same HMI File with i.e. 1.61.2 is close to max after compile, but with 1.62.X update of the shitty nextion editor the compiled size increase.
If you are close to maximum 4MB it will fail.

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