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Nextion Editor does not launch properly


I’ve been trying to use the editor v1.62.2 but it doesn’t launch.
I’m able to run the other tools in the installation folder: Picture Box, ResView, etc
But the editor simply doesn’t open, no errors.

I’ve tried to install it using the exe, using the zip file, running as admin, nothing solved the issue.

Does anyone have any idea of what is going on?


The problem is that the Editor is 32 Bit and the newest Win10 Update doesn´t really like 32 Bit programms on an 64 Bit mchine. My solution is to use a different PC which doesn´t have the newest update installed. Sadly it has now been over 7 days since you probably updated so you can´t roll back the changes.

Maybe you need to change a computer that is not up to date with the latest Win10 system.

I can’t use another computer or just uninstall updates due to the company policies.
I solved it by installing the previous version.

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