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Nextion alternative


Have used Nextion displays for a number of projects and love them. All you need is RX and TX links and they can be driven by any processor with RX, TX communications. They have sufficient memory to accept jpg files for graphics making coding really easy.

But they have limitations….

  • Fonts are jagged and mono spaced.
  • png transparencies cannot be used.
  • No animations
  • Program function limitations
  • Can’t update software remotely

…to name just a few.

It appears that Itead has worldwide distribution rights (except China). I imagine that TJC aren’t happy that their 0.55 editor version improvements that would gain them extra sales are being ignored. Instead, Nextion want paying extra for what we would call ‘product support’

I recently bought an enhanced screen with the new demo software and if you think the fonts look better (which they do) then check out the animation, sliding and fading text etc. etc. It’s brilliant.

So what about an alternative.

Whilst I can use Nextion editor and Arduino IDE, I’m not in the same league as say Iuma and hag and similar experts who know what’s going on deep down.

But I do know that the Arduino, Esp and Esp8266 have usb, serial and SPI comms so why not attach one of these processors to a standard SPI touch screen, then develop a library and GUI similar to Nextion but with added features, which could also include remote firmware updates. If the Esp was used, then that includes GPIO pins.
All this dedicated to the display and built on to a PCB attached to the touch screen. So keeping the same RX, TX comms with any microprocessor.

Even better news is that this is all open source so hopefully the thousands of other experts out there could contribute.

Costly? – I don’t think so - have priced a 3.5 inch touch screen and Esp for less than £8.00 retail. I pay about £20 for same size Nextion. Surely that would allow a manufacturer to get reasonable profit margin for a superior product.


I think GUIslice might be exactly what you describe. Fully open source, supports multiple platforms, and supports multiple TFT touchscreens in a generic way. It’s not quite up to the level of Nextion yet but is under very rapid development and is not being held hostage by money-grabbing assholes.