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Nextion 0.58 released


I started the Nextion Editor (0.53) and it prompted me to do an update to 0.58.

Note that v0.58 does not (yet) appear on the iTead Nextion Editor download page.

Let’s give this a go.


Great news…maybe. At first glance there is quite a few things added but the switch, combo box etc. is greyed out and state that this device does not support it, don’t know what that’s about. Also, my project that were working fine now comes up with an error regarding invalid variables or something. Will play around and see how it goes.


It messed up my font list.

Also, when you left click within a text string, the actual cursor position will be several characters to the left of your mouse click. That is really annoying. Cursor position matches click position initially, but gets out of whack soon after.

Still discovering, but appreciative of the proportional AA fonts.
No need for the hacked versions now :slight_smile:

This is fantastic news, downloading right now and thanks for the head’s up @Flatpack2!

Must be a memory leak somewhere.

Keep getting these ‘out of memory’ errors when running the debugger.


This 0.58 release of Nextion Editor doesn’t do the ‘fast upload’ like the TJC 0.57 USART editor does.
ie; the TJC only uploads things that have changed.
It doesn’t bother uploading assets that haven’t changed, such as images and fonts.
This can actually save a heap of time during development.

Looks like they didn’t fully implement all the USART 0.57 features with this Nextion Editor release. :frowning:

It is doing the fast upload.

Save 160 sec…

Works here.